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It's been a wonderful school year at Little and Teeny Red, and things are running quite smoothly. Our kids are enjoying all of the fun weekly themes, and delving into the social/emotional teaching that goes on daily at school. Through the Pyramid Model for Social and Emotional health, teaching kids how to be a positive member of a group has been our focus. Kids are learning how to be a good friend, use their words and problem solve on their own and it's been amazing to watch! It makes all the learning and playing much more positive as well.

Summer registration will take place on April 8th. After my currently enrolled kiddos register, I can open it up to the waiting list. This summer, I will be taking babies as young as 3 months, up to "big kids" finishing K-2nd grade for our big kid camp! Summer consists of tons of adventure, outside time, and excursions outside of school. It's lots of fun to take the kids out into this paradise we call home. Please call or email if you would like a tour of our facilities, or to set up enrollment for your child. Fall registration will occur in mid-May, so start thinking ahead!

If you are in need of a babysitter or drop in services while you are in town visiting, Little Red offers both! Please call (970)349-0996 or email at for more information about those services. Thanks so much!


Little Red Schoolhouse is a quality licensed preschool facility located in Crested Butte South- 6 miles south of the town of Crested Butte, CO.

Teeny Red-At Teeny Red Schoolhouse we accept children ages 3 months-2 ½ years in a colorful, stimulating and fun environment. Our teachers are all certified in CPR & 1st aid and specialize in nurturing and caring for the needs of each individual child through frequent continuing education. We offer part time or full time enrollment for a minimum of 2- ½ days per week. Our half day program is from 9-1 and full day is 9-5. We do open at 7:30am for earlier drop off needs.

The program is designed to provide the very young with a safe environment as their 1st “home away from home”, while also providing their 1st school environment through a curriculum designed to be both developmentally appropriate and educational. Verbal communication and motor skills are enforced, as well as basic skills and learning how to become a positive member of a group. At Teeny Red we respect individual differences and welcome independence and creativity. At most, the teacher: child ratio is 1:5 for toddlers and 3:1 for babies.

Little Red-When your child turns 2 ½, he or she is ready to move next door to Little Red Schoolhouse. At Little Red we accept children ages 2 ½-6 with even more predictability and learning. Our teachers are all certified here as well, and have plenty of continuing education throughout the school year. Like Teeny Red, we offer full time or part time enrollment with either a ½ or full day option (or a combination). Half days run from 9-1, full days are 9-5. You can also schedule a 3pm or 4pm pick up time. Potty training is not necessary to enroll!

Our curriculum is theme- based and everything from art to music to literacy is tied together to make learning easy and fun for our preschoolers. When your child graduates to Kindergarten, they will be more than prepared for what’s to come! Little Red is a nurturing, safe and very special place.

In addition to our downstairs preschool space, we have an unbelievable upstairs PreK-K space complete with mural-filled walls and its very own climbing wall. Those “bigger” kids feel very special when they get to go upstairs!

During your child’s Kindergarten year, we offer an afternoon supplementary program after their morning at the “big” school. We will pick up your child in our “school bus” and bring them back to Little Red for an afternoon of more learning and fun!

Teacher ratios vary from 1:6 to 1:8 at Little Red, depending on the age group.

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